Donations Policy

After consideration by the organisation, financial donations to local charities, groups or individuals in need are made at the discretion of the Trustees.

Play2Give’s Donation Policy

The financial donations that are made are in accordance with our purposes, which are “For the public benefit, the relief and assistance of those in need by reason of children, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or any other disadvantage, in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area, with the provision of financial or material aid.”

Applications must come from registered charities or from individuals for example a child with a disability requiring a piece of kit to aid them, that they have a letter of support from a healthcare professional, detailing their need and the funding required.

Support Priorities

The number of donations that can be made are limited by the funds that are available in any given year, from the money that we raise through our community.

The trustees have decided that priorities will be:

Geographical – Play2Give is local in Oxfordshire and will stay locally at this moment in time to the county of Oxfordshire only.

Applications for support and/or donations are all considered on their own merits following investigation and a thorough process and discussion by members. However as most of our funds per year are raised within the local community through events and fundraising activities, only those that are local and that fit to our purpose are given special and foremost consideration first. Groups or charities that are supported include:

  • Local charities – healthcare causes, children with disabilities receiving innovative and intensive physiotherapy, Headway Oxfordshire providing specialist neurological rehabilitation to the benefit of brain injury survivors and their families, or to others within the scope such as helping fund equipment for the enhancement of lives as a particular piece of medical kit or facility that will help to enhance the lives of said person.
  • Families or individuals in need – financial hardship (with a letter from a source such as a support worker to back this), the less fortunate and the vulnerable.
  • Sleigh2Give – to provide festive cheer through our festive gift giving appeal for Christmas through the provision of gifts donated by the community to young patients in hospital (through a wish list provided by the hospital play team); through financial donations to purchase said provisions, for example a family who through an officially registered charity or referral will provide age and genders of children who would otherwise be disadvantaged without a toy, on financial hardship proof of low income or a letter from a support worker re family care worker to wholly qualify. With this campaign, we will also support those within Berkshire and Wiltshire.

The above priorities in this policy will be reviewed and may be changed in accordance with the Trustees’ view of the most effective application of available funds at any point in time.

Play2Give Principles

  • In awarding donations from funds raised, the Trustees will apply the following principles:


Trustees will not normally support applications from large national charities (unless it is from or for local use for example).

Only reputable charities and groups with a good standing, usually those registered.

Trustees will work with other organisations to fund initiatives beyond the financial scope of a single organisation;

All applications from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants will be considered by Trustees on their own merits.

Donation Application Process 

All applications should be made via a grant application form, which can be obtained and downloaded from the organisation website or by request on email,

Applications will not be dealt with immediately but will be brought to the regular meetings meanwhile the said application form will be sent to the applicant by email, in first instance.

The form will ask for information to help the organisation decide on whether to fund the application or not. Information asked for:

  • Name of applicant
  • Address of applicant
  • Telephone number of applicant
  • Email address of applicant

For an organisation we also ask for:

  • Name of organisation
  • Address of the organisation
  • Telephone number of the organisation
  • Email address of the organisation

For all applicants the organisation asks:

  • How would you like Play2Give to support you/your organisation? i.e. the purpose of the application, details of the project, the way in which the grant will be used and how it will be managed effectively for its intended purpose;
  • When is the support required, e.g. is it an ongoing or within a specific timeframe to reach a specific amount Play2Give works towards?
  • Have you received support from Play2Give in the past? For example the healthcare charities that we make a long-term pact of support to.
  • Are you eligible for support from any other organisations?
  • Have you secured support from any other organisations/charities?
  • What funds do you currently have available? i.e. for an individual applying provide adequate information regarding the identity and financial status of the applicant and/or of the status of the person(s) who will carry out the project/work/receive the donation in kind.

For successful applications Play2Give also asks for:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Account Sort Code
  • Or an appropriate online giving site to process funds onto

Donation Application Process

The assessment process will be that:

  • All grants’ applications will be subject to initial assessment to ensure that they meet the basic criteria for our funding process.  Grants will be considered by the Trustees at their meetings, and they will aim to write to all applicants informing them of the outcome of their application for funding within three months of the date of application;
    Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the application should their application be unsuccessful, however Trustees do realise the importance of feedback and will where appropriately provide suitable comments to the applicant;
  • Applicants should note that Trustees may receive far more applications than they have funds to support. Even if a project fits with the criteria and priorities of the organisation and a detailed assessment has been made, Trustees may still be unable to provide a donation.

Awarded Donations

For all financial donations provided please note:

On receipt of the donation a written acknowledgement is to be issued, whether physically by post or by electronic communications.

Data Protection

To comply with Data Protection requirements, applicants are required to consent to the use of personal data supplied by them in the processing and review of their application.

This includes transfer to and use by such individuals and organisations as the Trustees deem appropriate. The Trustees require the assurance of the applicant that personal data about any other individual is supplied to the Trustees with his/her consent. At the point of submitting application, applicants are asked to confirm this consent and assurance.

Monitoring and Publicity

It is the policy of the Trustees to monitor at their discretion, all grants made.
Where the grant is for an extended period, project progress should be reported on a regular basis. In addition to reports detailing progress, grant recipients are expected to provide:

  • A statement of how the grant monies have been spent, this may be in writing or to take up the opportunity (where appropriate) to visit Trustees to deliver a personal report of how the grant has been spent;
  • Details (where appropriate) of other funds applied to the same project;
  • Trustees or their representative(s) may, where appropriate, visit the applicant to view the progress/success of the project and see how and where the grant has been spent.