A Close Shave for Luke!

Published: 1st February 2021

It was a case of hair today, gone tomorrow for a member of our very own team, who boldly went the extra mile and is now sporting a head as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Our very own Luke Norris, our Head of Fundraising and Development, spent his Saturday afternoon off today (January 30th) going a smooth head for Play2Give.

And, we are delighted that he has smashed his £200 target but he would love to raise even more.

His sponsorship page

The money raised has kick started our 14th year of fundraising off, and will be split between the Oxford Children’s Hospital and the British Lung Foundation.

Well done Luke, we think it is a top job done!

And his bald head hasn’t been for fun, but all in honour of his Mam, Angela, as well as doing away with his “lockdown” mop, which is how the idea originated spontaneously. We know for sure, with P2G being such a close cause to her heart, that she would be very proud of Luke!

As Luke’s page remains open for 3 weeks we hope some more donations will continue to roll in as the more Luke’s “hair raising” fundraising raises the more money that will go to benefit the children in the hospital including those young patients facing treatment for cancer and for research into lung disease.

Angela sadly passed away last November after a brave fight with stage four lung cancer.

Below are all the pictures from Luke’s close shave.

Your money and support always continually changes transforms and saves lives across Oxfordshire, and wider afield, and so as ever a very big thank you to all of our supporters and our fundraisers, like Luke!​