A Tribute to Angela Norris

Published: 12th November 2020

We at Play2Give would like to pay tribute to one of our long-time supporters, Angela Norris, who sadly passed away from complications as a result of terminal cancer on Saturday at the age of 65.

Despite poor health, Angela supported our fundraising efforts over a number of years. She collected and stored gifts for our “Sleigh2Give” campaign, helped prepare raffles and such for our stalls (particularly our big Summer Fayres), and attended so many of our events to support us, including at the Children’s Hospital in Oxford where she handed out gifts to children – many of which she had personally bought for them. In July 2016, with some spare savings, Angela also kindly donated £100 which went towards our £40,000 to name our very own patient room on Melanie’s Ward. ‘The Play2Give Room’ which was unveiled with a ribbon cutting ceremony in March 2017 was just one particular part of our fundraising that Angela was very proud of, knowing the fact that Andy, our founder, was passionate to achieve.
The picture above is our CEO Andy Baker with Angela at the Against Breast Cancer Awards last year.

Angela will always be part of the Play2Give story. She has been a supportive presence over many years for us. As a team and organisation, we will never forget her contribution to us and the people that our work supports.

We are particularly privileged that at Angela’s funeral, there will be a Play2Give collection pot on display as the family’s chosen cause to support. Her bereaved husband has likewise kindly donated to us in lieu of buying her flowers, according to her wishes. The fact that Angela is still supporting us, even though she has passed, and honouring Play2Give and Andy, in her memory in this way, is truly an honour for us.

Angela, we honour you and thank you for all that you contributed to our mission of changing, transforming and saving lives across Oxfordshire. You will always be one of our heroes.