Andrew’s special date with royalty

Published: 20th September 2021

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our Founder Andy Baker has now received the date for his most special day yet, to attend his investiture ceremony to receive his very prestigious MBE.

Andy, who was named in this year’s New Year Honours with an MBE honoured for his services to charity, will attend his date with royalty at Windsor Castle on October 12th.

Andy who in February will mark twenty years of tireless fundraising, after beginning his crusade to give back to Oxford medics for treatment throughout his childhood since birth, notably the brain surgery aged 12 in 2001 being the inspiration behind the start of his fundraising in 2003, initially for the building of the Oxford Children’s Hospital, and was made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, will attend the ceremony with his mum, Ann.

Andy won’t find out until the afternoon of his investiture who will be giving the gong, we have heard whispers if it is not Her Majesty The Queen herself, it could be the Princess Royal, Prince of Wales or the Duke of Cambridge themselves.

For Andy attending the luxurious Windsor Castle and receiving his gong after so many months of waiting is very well deserved and we at Play2Give as are all the local community and especially Didcot very proud of Andy for his biggest honour of them all. We look forward to sharing his most special day with you in pictures soon.