December donations go a very long way

Published: 24th December 2022

Corporate donations Thank you!

This Christmas season we have had some wonderful financial donations.

Whether it’s donations supporting our 8th Sleigh2Give campaign to help us purchase gifts to spread cheer, joy and smiles for some of our beneficiaries this Christmas or to help support our charity and our work so that we can keep on changing, transforming and saving lives across Oxfordshire.

Each and every financial donation we receive from our corporate donors are immensely appreciated and we are always incredibly grateful as each goes a very long way.

Special thank-you’s as follows:

Changing Lives Didcot for spending £600 on toys for our Christmas Sleigh2Give present appeal.

Cannon Packing and Logistics for their annual £1000.

Draycott Engineering    £500

Savills, Oxford £725

Oxford Decorating Ltd   £100

Commerce Decisions   £250

F. Church Ltd £50

Go Green Taxis   annual £200 towards Sleigh2Give appeal

We have also received so many financial donations online over the past few weeks from many individuals supporting our charity.

From all of us at Play2Give we would like to express our hugest of thanks once again as every amount is always warmly welcomed and we never take any for granted.

We are P2G making a huge difference with a very real impact locally, and thank you to all for helping us to do all that we do.

This year has been another incredible year and more so this year in our milestone fifteenth year. We have some exciting news to announce on our year’s total and we will look forward to sharing this update with you all soon.

Much love and season’s greetings.