Seven charities benefit from over £2,400 raised so far

Published: 20th March 2021

Over £2,415 raised so far this year for good causes!


We are delighted to share that already this year we have raised over £2,415 in funds which is already supporting 7 charities, to make an enormous difference on the lives of others.

This amount is more tha we have raised at this time of the year than in previous years. Amazing!

The total amount we have raised for charities so far this year: £2,419.47

Oxford Children’s Hospital, Headway Oxfordshire, Sobell House Hospice, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, British Lung Foundation, Viking House in Oxford and Footsteps Foundation have all benefited to date.

For example over £1,673 has been raised for the Children’s Hospital which will continue to provide the very best medical treatment, cutting edge medical equipment, toys, games and engaging artwork to brighten up a child’s stay and research into childhood illnesses such as meningitis, and £125 has gone directly to benefit the treatment of children with cancer on the Kamran’s Ward.

Some special thanks to individuals for their fundraising challenges making the above possible; Luke Norris sponsored head shave in January (which kicked off our 14th fundraising year), Thomas Churchward for his sponsored cycle ride over five days and Matthew Norris for already raising £600 of his £650 “hair dye and head shave” fundraiser, and, of course to all of our wonderful supporters who have all contributed so far this year. We thank you all hugely!

At P2G we are all about “changing transforming and saving lives” and this we have done in abundance since being created in 2007.

We have gone on to support nearly 30 county-wide causes to date raising over £290k, some individual children and families in Didcot, provided grants in December to help families struggling with the financial impact of Covid-19, and we now provide clothing packages to less privileged and struggling individuals.

Our particular focus being in helping children, health and disability causes, and we are very proud that next year in 2022 we will celebrate our 15th birthday which is a remarkable achievement, thanks to you the support of our local community and supporters.

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