Thank You Tuesday – St Birinus School

Published: 29th September 2020

This week we dedicate our ‘Thank You Tuesday’ to St Birinus School in Didcot.

St Birinus has a long associated history with Play2Give, as it was at St Birinus that Andy, as a schoolboy, first set out on his fundraising mission to repay the Oxford medical teams who looked after him throughout his childhood.

In particular the brain surgery aged 12 was Andy’s inspiration and the driving force to say ‘thank you’ back to initially begin raising money in 2003 whilst a year 10 pupil. It was this passion focus and drive that motivated the school to want to help Andy achieve his dreams to give back through funds, for the Oxford Children’s Hospital Appeal.

After over £11,000 was raised by the very generous and wonderful school community over five years, the children’s hospital that stands today was made possible, partly in thanks to the school lead by Andy’s determined efforts. The school’s name alongside Andrew’s features on a glass plaque inside the hospital’s atrium, of all those donors who contributed £5k plus to the building of the hospital.

Today, the fundraising history has never diminished within the school and they continue to support the efforts that Andy started through various non uniform days and other activities have been held over the past four years.

Andy regularly visits the school, has delivered engaging, inspiring year group assemblies, meets with students, and been a special guest at the 2018 school awards evening and continually acts as a positive role model to pupils.
Cake sales, a Summer It’s a Knockout Day, Christmas jumper days and other activities have been held. They (pupils and parents) have also generously donated hundreds of presents over four consecutive years towards our Sleigh2Give (which has now launched for a sixth year) Christmas campaign.

Over £2,500 has been raised for P2G so far since 2016, and we continue to be amazed and hugely grateful for the ongoing enthusiasm and heartwarming support we receive from the school to continue Andy’s fundraising legacy which remains a huge part of the school’s history books.

One person last year said to former Headteacher John Marston, who took over the helm of Wallingford School who also now supports us, that Andrew is “Mr Didcot” in which John agreed it was hard to argue with that statement.

We hope that Andy will continue to inspire, empower and motivate other pupils of the school to go on to help the community and achieve great strides as much as he has.

We are always appreciative and hugely thankful for every school, college, school pupil alongside groups, businesses and individuals who come together to help support our incredible fundraising organisation, to help us to continue changing, transforming and saving lives across Oxfordshire for charities like the Oxford Children’s Hospital.

So, on #ThankYouTuesday we pay an extra special tribute to St Birinus School, and of course to everyone who helps us to make a real difference with a massive impact all year round.