Oxford Children's Hospital

We have been supporting the Oxford Children’s Hospital since we was born in 2007 and, our founder Andrew Baker, in total has been giving back a lifetime of across two decades, since the tender age of 14, for his thanks for all his childhood care.

Over £100,000 raised across two decades of giving

We have been tirelessly been fundraising for the Oxford Children’s Hospital and this year reached a landmark total raising over £100,000 in our lifetime.


“The Play2Give team are very special friends of ours and their lifetime donations of £100k has helped to support countless projects, benefiting so many young patients over the past 21 years. Our wonderful community of supporters never fail to inspire us, and Play2Give is no exception. Thank you for all you do for the Children’s Hospital.”

- David Child, Community Fundraising Manager

Our fundraising and support to CHOX over the years

Lots of cheques, lots of events, lots of eggs and lots of festive cheer since 2003…